We are all driven by questions.

Here are some of the questions that are currently driving me:

  • What does it mean to be human in the digital age?
  • How can we balance our digital lives with the physical?
  • How can technology help us build community and connection?
  • How can our culture and our stories impact our future?
  • How can we be more self sufficient and less reliant on government?
  • How can we bring spirituality and higher purpose back into our culture?
  • How can drugs be normalized and used as a tool for expanding our consciousness?
  • What lessons did ancient religions and philosophies discover, that science is only just now confirming?
  • What happens when you decentralize our institutions, organizations, and social structures?
  • How do cryptocurrencies create a more equitable and free future?
  • How can we live build out additional infrastructure to support nomadic lifestyles?